Any order (whether pre-order or otherwise) that uses Paypal or Amazon Pay will have the payment method charged immediately at checkout.

Other than those payment methods, your credit or debit card will be charged based on the following:

  • Made to Order (MTO) items are charged immediately at checkout.
  • Pre-orders will be charged once the item is put into “Processing” status
  • Available Now items will be authorized at checkout, meaning that the payment will be “Pending” on your credit/bank account  for about 3 business days. Following that, the charge will either fall off of your pending transactions or it will move to be in your transactions list. The result that occurs will depend on if your order ships out within the 3 business day window. As it can sometimes take 7-9 business days (or even 1-2 business weeks in the case of Pre-orders that have moved to “Processing”), the charge may fall off and then appear on your statement a few days after your order has shipped. Please keep in mind that all shipping and processing times are estimates that can vary based on time of year and order volume.