If your damaged item is a Nendoroid, figma, POP UP PARADE, or scale figure:

    We are so sorry that your items(s) arrived in less than perfect condition! Currently, we are unable to offer replacement pieces for items. If your item(s) were received broken or defective or if pieces were missing, we encourage you to contact our Japan team for assistance and possible replacements via the following link:


    When contacting our Japan team, we strongly recommend that you include the following information to expedite your request:

  • Where you purchased the figure (Good Smile Global Shop, Good Smile US site, etc.).
  • Date of your purchase.
  • A screenshot of the order confirmation/receipt, including your name and address.
  • The estimated date that you received your item.
  • Images of the entire figure, including whatever piece(s) are defective or broken.
  • Images of the figure’s box, front and back.

    In the case of a missing piece(s), please reference the piece(s) missing in your message and include pictures showing the pieces you did receive. Each situation is reviewed and you will be contacted if any support is able to be offered.

    If your damaged item(s) is/are none of the above listed items, you are welcome to contact our support team via our support center located here: https://help.goodsmileus.com/support/home . You may also contact us via phone at: 213.460.1167.