All dates for pre-orders are estimates. We keep every item’s release date time frame as up-to-date as possible, so even if there is a production delay of some kind, that delay will be reflected in the new estimated release date time frame. We recommend checking our website every so often to see if the estimated release date time frame has changed!

    **While the world is starting to slowly re-open in the wake of the pandemic, some countries are opening up slower than others. This is causing certain things to take more time to get back up to the speeds that we’re all used to. Large port inspection queues as well as shipping backlogs are still causing a slowdown in the delivery of goods. Unfortunately, these slowdowns continue to hit the collectibles industry in a big way. We are incredibly frustrated any time there is a delay, and we know that this frustration is shared with our customers. Please bear with us as we continue working with all parties involved to deliver our shipments as quickly as possible.