Good Smile US Shop is happy to offer shipping insurance for your order with select carriers and shipping options. Our shipping insurance covers situations where the package is lost or damaged and a claim with the shipping carrier has been approved.

If your missing package claim has been approved by the shipping carrier, they will usually only approve a certain amount to be reimbursed to you. The shipping insurance we offer would cover whatever the difference is between the reimbursement amount the shipper is willing to provide and the actual value of your item. For example:

A customer orders an item worth $150. The package goes missing in transit and the missing package claim is approved by the shipping carrier after their investigation finishes. The carrier then agrees to reimburse the customer a maximum of $100 towards the value of the item lost. The shipping insurance would then reimburse the customer $50 to make up for the difference that the shipping carrier did not reimburse.

Likewise if you decide to file a damaged package claim with the shipping carrier and it is approved, the same example above applies. However, please note that the shipping carrier may request that you return the damaged package to them. In this case, you would follow the shipping carrier’s instructions for having the damaged package handed over to them and you would no longer be in possession of the damaged item.

The shipping insurance will not be able to assist if the shipping carrier does not approve the missing package claim or the damaged package claim. Likewise, not all shipping carriers and shipping options are applicable for the insurance. Carriers and services that are excluded from the insurance are as follows:

USPS First Class Mail
GlobalPost Parcel Select SmartSaver
USPS First Class Mail Int'l
UPS Ground Saver

For additional information about how the lost package claim process works, please refer to our Lost Package FAQ here.

For additional information on damaged items that are Nendoroid, figma, POP UP PARADE, or a scale figure please refer to our Damaged Product FAQ here.

If you have any questions about the shipping insurance or any of your orders, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here: . You may also contact us via phone at (213)460-1167 between the hours of 9am - 5pm PST, Monday - Friday.